Thousands of Ai-Tools 🤖 at Your Fingertip.👆 is an api and a platform with an extensive database of thousands of AI tools that can turbocharge your products, apps, and websites.


👋 Say hello to – your new best friend in the world of tech!

It's a place where you can grab thousands of AI tools using our free API. Think of it like giving your projects a turbo boost with AI awesomeness. Plus, we've got this easiest dashboard where you can add affiliate links to these tools. It's like sprinkling a little magic!

And guess what? These links also slip right into your API. Super convenient, right? Get ready to explore a world of AI possibilities with – it's where innovation meets simplicity! 🚀🤖

What So Special About

One and only Free AI Tools API available on the internet, not only that there's more...

AI Toolbox Galore

Access a treasure trove of AI tools at your fingertips. offers a vast collection of AI-powered solutions ready to elevate your projects to new heights.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate AI tools into your existing projects or create something entirely new. With's free API, coding pros and newcomers alike can make AI magic happen.

Affiliate Link Magic

Experience the next level of affiliate management. Our intuitive dashboard lets you effortlessly add affiliate links to AI tools. What's more, these links become part of your API, simplifying your affiliate journey.

Future-Ready Integrations

Discord, Telegram, and more –'s API integrates smoothly with various platforms, opening up endless possibilities for seamless connectivity.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating is a breeze with its user-friendly interface. Whether you're an AI aficionado or just starting out, the platform welcomes all.

Real-Time API Health Check

Stay in the loop with the health of the API. Real-time checks ensure that you're always in sync with seamless functionality.

Use Cases

Few use cases but sky is the limit.

AI Tools Directory

Create your own AI Tools directory and get paid submissions.

Power-up Existing Project

Give AI awsomeness to your existing projects via integrating our free api.

Show Latest AI Tools

Show latest AI Tools on your blog without any hassle using our integrations.

Create New Apps

Develop new native mobile apps to show latest AI Tools.

Keep Your Audience Updated

Use our free api to give latest ai tools update to your audience.

Sky is the limit.

Use your own creativity to get the most out of our free api.

Effortless Integrations

Don't know how to code? No-worries!

Keep your audience updated with latest ai tools.
Send latest updates to your Telegram account.
Use our WordPress plugin to show latest ai tools on your site.
Send latest AI tools to your Facebook.
Send latest AI tools to your twitter as tweets.
Integrate with zapier and unlock unlimited posibilites.

Frequently asked questions

What is is an innovative platform that offers access to a wide range of AI tools through its free API. It empowers users to seamlessly integrate these tools into their existing projects, apps, and websites, adding a layer of AI-powered excellence.

How do I access the AI tools on

It's simple! Once you sign up on, you'll receive a free API key. You can then use this API key to make requests and access the AI tools available on our platform.

Can I add my affiliate links to the AI tools?

Absolutely! lets you add your affiliate links to AI tools of your choice through our user-friendly dashboard. These links seamlessly integrate into your API, making it easy to monetize your creations.

Can I integrate's API with platforms?

Yes, you can! offers free api which makes it very easy to integrate. With the api you can use any automating platform like zapier, IFTTT etc. and get the most out of our api.